In our short and agitated life we met a lot of persons.Some of them just go trough or near our lives, without having any impact.Or without having a big impact over us.But there are some of Them that , I do not know how, they manage to stick their name and their personality nearby your heart.And, because you are forced to live your entire life with the same heart, you are also “forced” to keep them near you.And each time when your heart will go on(as Celine Dion said) strange and dark places, you will have  someone allways with you.Even if it is for a short period, a good wine will remember you for sure about somebody, even if you will drink it alone.A good song will remember you about sombody else, even in that moment you have no one near you.And this is the way how we are living nowadays.With our friends in our hearts and with loneliness in our souls.

For all of YOU,my friends, that have posted your identity into my heart I give you this…Enjoy it!



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